Quality Standards

We have established a quality management system, mission, vision, and strategy for achieving business success and development in accordance with international legal regulations, implementing relevant laws, regulations, and normative documents related to the production of dietary supplements.

We have shaped our business by following the guidelines and principles of the following standards:

By establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving the system, we make constant efforts to achieve:

  • Top-quality products and their continuous improvement;
  • Continuous modernization of equipment;
  • Ongoing training and development of staff;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Continuous hazard analysis and process management at critical control points;
  • Environmental aspect management to reduce the negative impact on the environment; Concern for the health and safety conditions of employees;
  • Continuous increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of all work processes;
  • Enhancement of overall business profitability;
  • Daily improvement of work processes and the quality of all processes;
  • Partnerships with suppliers and customers.