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Capsules HR – suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Capsules H+ – produced using thermogelation technology that utilizes only water and cellulose without gelling agents

Capsules HL – suitable for liquid content

Capsules HX – with delayed release for targeted delivery to the desired intestinal region for optimal bioavailability and efficiency

Capsules HI – specially designed for use with dry powder inhalation devices. This capsule ensures precise dosing, uniform dispersion, and efficient drug delivery to the respiratory system, enhancing medication effectiveness and outcomes for patients

Capsules HA – an inert, highly effective capsule that meets specific dissolution requirements in 0.01N HCl. It allows predictable and controlled release of encapsulated medication and precise formulation development


Capsules GR – fully versatile and ideal for immediate release formulations

Capsules GL – designed to accommodate multiple ingredients, opening new opportunities for innovation. They can contain liquids, pastes, oils, gels, etc.

Capsules GI – developed specifically for use with dry powder inhalation devices. They ensure precise dosing, uniform dispersion, and efficient delivery to the respiratory system, enhancing drug efficacy and patient outcomes

Capsules GC – specially designed for drug testing. It conceals the drug and placebo with secure locking and a unique shape

Capsules GF – obtained from fish by-products, contributing to environmental protection. Fish gelatin is effective in protecting ingredients from environmental degradation factors and is highly digestible. Capsules GT – using these capsules allows your brand to stand out. It contains two identically shaped gelatin shells, allowing you to fully enclose capsules (tablet-shaped)

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Packaging glass

  • Pharmaceutical glass bottles and jars
  • Food and beverage glass packaging
  • Perfume and cosmetic glass packaging
  • Bottles for alcoholic beverages

All packaging is made of glass II and III hydrolytic groups. Materials used in production include quartz sand, limestone, soda, and recycled glass. In the production of pharmaceutical packaging, special precautions are taken to limit the risk of contamination in the so-called “Cold End” – the part of the production process where bottles are packed, sorted, and sampled. This involves specific instructions for protective clothing, zonal concepts for production processes, sterile filter units above defined packing lines, and covers on lines without sterile filter units.

On our stock in Belgrade, you can find bottles for drops and syrups with suitable closures, and we can provide other products from our Principal upon request. Additionally, we can send bottles by courier to the buyer’s address with cash on delivery upon delivery.

Raw Materials

We offer the possibility of importing and distributing raw materials produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice guidelines or Ph. EUR and USP, in original packaging tailored to the needs of customers.

We can also offer raw materials used in the production of dietary supplements for domestic animals and pets.

Our sales program includes:

  • Plant extracts
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Sweeteners
  • Antioxidants
  • Products in the form of soft gelatin capsules
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Upon request, we can source other materials.

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