Contract manufacturing


A high quality homogenization process ensures uniformity of active component content in the product.


Filling (Encapsulation) of hard gelatin or cellulose capsules in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, on high-capacity automatic machines.


We have capability to produce high-quality biconvex (13 mm), flat (9 mm, 13 mm), and oval tablets.

Soft gel

In collaboration with European manufacturers, we can provide soft capsules according to your requirements.

Product Development

Formulation Development

Selecting the right ingredients in proper doses, considering their bioavailability and synergy, is crucial for a safe and effective formulation. Our expert team combines well/known clinically proven ingredients, with a long tradition of use and carrying scientifically supported health claims, and/or innovative ingredients with proven health benefits.

Product Registration and Testing

A process that includes the analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of the product, confirming the absence of contaminants, and securing all necessary permits required for product circulation in your country.

Design center services

In collaboration with our design center, we can offer the creation of an entirely new design solution in line with your idea or adapt/modify your conceptual design.

Ingredients and packing material supply

Sourcing high-quality raw materials and packaging materials from reputable global manufacturers according to your specifications.

Production services

At every stage of production, we adhere to the highest quality standards and good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. Our processes are defined by precision, modern equipment, and high technological expertise. Our manufacturing processes guarantee consistently high-quality, efficient, and safe products.

Packaging services

Blistering; Line packaging of capsules/tablets in bottles with sealing and serial number printing; Packaging of blisters or bottles in commercial cardboard packaging. Packaging of powders in sachets or bottles.

Packaging services


Blistering of hard gelatin capsules, softgel capsules, and tablets in various blister formats.

Strip Packaging

Tablets in different packaging sizes (formats).

Powder Sachet Packaging

Packaging of powders in sachets with 3 or 4 different formats according to your product specifications.

Bottle filling

Bottle fillingservice for capsules, tablets, or powder products in bottles with labeling on a modern packaging line.

Ingredients and packing material supply

Elephant Pharma Ltd. meticulously conducts supplier verification and selection to ensure the supply of top-quality raw materials for contract manufacturing. The quality maintained in material supply is based on decades of experience and collaboration with proven and reliable suppliers operating at the highest global standards, capable of providing appropriate documentation.

We are able to offer a wide range of raw materials in powdered form:
• Plant extracts
• Amino acids
• Antioxidants
• Enzymes
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Sweeteners
• Vitamin-mineral premixes

For clients interested in capsule-form products, we can provide the following types in the client’s preferred color:
• Hard gelatin capsules
• Cellulose capsules
• Enteric-coated capsules
• Soft gelatin capsules according to the client’s desired formulation.

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Customer Focus

For over 30 years, our company has been distinguished by its commitment to customers. Our goal is to meet your needs and requirements, providing personalized services and products that help you achieve your business objectives.


Our rich history and decades of experience position us as leaders in the industry. Our team of experts works continuously to improve the quality of manufacturing processes and products to deliver the best possible results.


At Elephant Pharma, we are always ahead, utilizing the latest technological innovations in supplement manufacturing. This enables us to ensure high efficiency and quality in our products, staying abreast of the latest scientific research and development in this field.

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